NBA notre pronostic pour Dallas Mavericks - Boston Celtics

NBA: Our Prediction for Dallas Maverick

NBA 2020-2021 – This week, Brooklyn shines, with Drummond, Peel and Lillard Caves struggling to move forward, in short, there was movement in the NBA. Here are the tops and flops of the week from the Big American Basketball League.



The show was held at the Eastern Conference in New York this week. Despite the absence of Kevin Torrent, James Horton and Kyrie Irving manage the rights well Brooklyn. The Nets now have six wins in a row and second place behind the Sixers. These results were mainly due to the return of James Horton to his best form. In his last three meetings he has scored his team’s best score each time: 38 points against the Suns and 37 points against the Clippers. Anyway, things are going very well in Brooklyn, which is why this team is at the top of the Eastern Conference this week.

For the Western conference, the two owners stood alone this week. In fact, The Phoenix Sons And this Portland Trail Blazers It has won three of four games this week. As for Suns, it’s nice to see them following this dynamic this time around. There was only one minor setback against James Horton’s Nets, who are now quite simply on fire. Portland continues its excellent journey. After a somewhat mixed start to the season, the Blazers are no longer dropping the heights of the levels and are 5th in the conference behind the Suns. If these two teams perform equally well, it is especially thanks to the complete and homogeneous partnerships, but also to the leaders of Devin Booker for the Suns and Damien Lillard for the Blazers.


In the depths of the Eastern Conference positions, the Cleveland Cavaliers Failed to prevent their downfall. It is difficult to see how this team will change the course of winning a place in the playoffs, sinking in a row of ten defeats in a row. While their season was going very well, the soap opera Drummond made its appearance. The former Pistons lead had a good start to the season with his openness, but it was in this field that the problem was felt. Careless and casual, his attitude reflected a minimal desire to succeed and help his team do so. He no longer plays with the Caves, but his absence has already been greatly felt as he agrees with Caves’ current series absence from Drummond.

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Like Caves, so be it Sacramento Who is currently fighting at the Western Conference. Currently in the wake of 7 consecutive defeats, the Sacramento kings gave up their limited possessions and sank into almost irreparable conditions. The most annoying thing for the Kings is that they lose against second-rate owners like Chicago or Memphis against the big names in the league. Anyway, the draft lottery for the kings that sink into the rankings is aimed at 2021. This is the 13th place for this team at the Western Conference.



Bradley Peel Is now in the form of his life. In fact, if the guides have been successful recently, it is especially thanks to their performances that MVP deserves it. Again this week, Peel shone with 37 points against the Blazers, 25 points against the Nuggets and 37 points against Houston. These shows are reminiscent of a particular James Horton MVP in 2018. Everything is rolling for a gradual climbing peel and guides in the rankings. Of course, performance In Julius Rand It will never impress. Special Note Terry Roger In hornets wearing sheer head and shoulders this season.

This Damien Lillard It shone throughout the league last week. In fact, the Blazers Playmaker is now in Olympic form. Its performance at this time is so high that it is 30 points lower than it was above. In fact, it is no less than 30 points scored in a match in a week. It last scored 20 points against the Caves on 13 February. These figures reflect the impressive scale of what he has been able to produce in recent years. His lateral C.J. In the absence of McCollum, he leads the team to the top of the league.


In the East, times are hard Derrick Rose. Having already had little trouble with the pistons at the start of the season, the 2011 MVP failed to win in New York. With the luxury sixth man playing about 20 minutes per game, D. Rose did not win. He rarely manages to record 2 baskets per game. Arriving in New York, he lost his shooting ability and he could no longer find his way to the basket. This course is sad for the former star of the league and the 4 small points he scored against the Timberwolves and Magic. There is still a lot to believe that this is temporary.

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Time is also complicated Marquef Morris. In fact, the Lakers player is playing a little better compared to last season. Even in the absence of Anthony Davis in these last games, the former Knicks player has not played much and has not come out of this difficult period. His last game against the Miami Heat proves he is going through a difficult period. In fact, with 0 points, 0 assists and 1 replay in 10 minutes of play, there is something to ask questions. His minutes seem to touch him down compared to previous seasons, and he seems to have trouble taking it …

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