Internationalization: NFL wants to play in Germany | Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

Internationalization: NFL wants to play in Germany |  Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

By announcing the addition of the 17th game in the regular season, the NFL also confirmed that eight teams will have to play overseas each season starting in 2022. Others will come forward to do more.

So that four meetings are distributed. At least. Unfortunately, France is not yet at the bottom of the league. Salon Sports Illustrated, Germany is the next international destination. Roger Goodell also mentioned the name of the country in his announcement.

Two games in Tottenham, one in Mexico City and one in Germany, Munich or Berlin: A memo would have made it clear to the teams that the goals would be.

NFL in Germany First, the real base of supporters, being in this country, is where a good portion of the non-functioning NFL Europe owners are located. The country is also in good economic health, and its citizens often have a very honest command of English. A barometer from the European Commission in 2005 estimated that 51% of Germans speak English, as opposed to 34% of the French population.

According to the speakers, the Olympic Stadium in Berlin (74,475 seats, renovated in 2004) and the Alliance Arena in Munich (75,024, built in 2005) are the most efficient to host the competition.

So having Tom Brady and Patrick Mohams at the foot of the Eiffel Tower before going to play in the State de France is not tomorrow (probably not the day after tomorrow).

In addition, the league would have turned its eyes to Brazil.

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