Mike Trout is not happy with his 2020 season

Mike Trout is not happy with his 2020 season

We can understand it (or not), but Mike Trout is not happy with his 2020 season. Despite finishing fifth in the U.S. League in the MVP poll, he scored. 17 rounds in 53 matches. Mike, I do not think there is a definition of a ‘bad year’.

On the one hand, he maintained some very interesting figures, yes. But on the other hand, his team did not make the post-season playoffs.

Since starting his career in the major league baseball game, Mike Trout has only made the playoffs once (2014). In addition, the course will last only three mini-games. Apparently, he can’t carry the team on his back every year and everyone around him starts to get impatient. The best player in the world starts to see it heavy on his shoulders.

Last year the team had a huge signing of General Manager Anthony Randon. The signing gave the Angels fans hope again, but the lack of team pitchers overwhelmed them.

In 2021, Perry decided (finally) decided it was time to focus on the Minnesian pitch butt, not the batteries. The list is already full of good hitters. Alex Cope was acquired from Baltimore Orioles, signed by Jose Quintana, and Dylan Bundy and Andrew Heaney have reached an agreement with the organization.

Anyway, with a Shoaib Othani (scheduled to launch in 2021) and Dylan Bundy having a great first season in the system last year, the cycle looks like something exciting at the end. Again, they have to deliver on the ground to bring the Angels and Mike Trout into the playoffs.

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