The magnificent gem-filled belly creature lives next to the dinosaurs

The magnificent gem-filled belly creature lives next to the dinosaurs

If quartz is used by humans today as a gem or as an ornament, these funny birds … are used as food. According to the newly published article above Boundaries in Earth ScienceFilled with the fossil bird’s stomach, the quartz crystal helps to discover its habitats and eating habits and its role in the ecosystem.

Wonderful gem-bearing belly creature lives next to dinosaurs - photo 1.

The portrait of an ancient bird has been recreated from a fossil that is 120 million years old.

At the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which is a member of the study team, paleontologist Shumin Liu of the Institute of Paleontology and Spinal Paleontology says there has been no direct evidence for the stomach in the past. Fossil Bird Time Dinosaurs. So, this discovery may be a wonderful one.

According to Dr. Jingmai O’Connor, Deputy Director of Fossil Reptiles at the Field Museum (Chicago, USA), soft-tissue fossils are preserved in this way. The Bohenis coyote is believed to have appeared about 120 million years ago in the early Cretaceous – and on the date of the fossil record.

Follow Phys.orgAlthough small as a pigeon, it has many terrifying features, such as the sharp claws and claws of its ancestors.

Interestingly, some birds and chickens today chew and swallow rocks to help digest or digest hard food, but the quartz crystals in this bird’s stomach are not suitable. Both of those functions. Oddly enough, if it helps digestion, the birds often swallow a variety of rocks. This particular bird swallows quartz. Another specimen of the same species has been reported to swallow only one thing, pieces of shells.

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Scientists are still working to explain the strange diet of this strange creature.

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