Uber drivers do not want their data to go to the United States

Uber drivers do not want their data to go to the United States

They see themselves as whistleblowers. 169 Uber VDC drivers affiliated with the Human Rights League (LDC) seized the state council last week. They are asking the Supreme Court to order the National Commission for Information and Freedom (CNIL) to force Uber to be more transparent about data that the US company transfers to the US. An important and complex issue beyond the French framework.

On July 15, 2020, the European Court of Justice (CJEU) upheld the Privacy Shield ( Editor’s note: Protective shield ), The agreement governing the transfer of personal data between the EU and the United States since 2016. Judges ruled that U.S. citizens in Europe do not guarantee the same protection as European citizens in Europe, overseeing electronic communications that give the NSA, the big ears of US intelligence, vast powers. And especially within the framework of the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data (RGBT) which came into force in 2018.

There are millions of data left in the United States

From that date on, the personal data of Europeans can no longer be processed on American soil… Well, almost! The judges approved specific agreements that would allow companies to continue exporting data to the United States, and there are adequate protections. “We want Uber to show us these guarantees,” insists M Jerome Questi, a lawyer for VTC drivers. I’m not saying they don’t. But we want to see them. “

In its conclusion, the European Court of Justice issues an order to “suspend or restrict the transfer of data” to the various CNILs of the member states if the legal conditions are not met. “Sin didn’t do it,” the lawyer continues. So we captured the state assembly. “

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However, the gender of data processing and freedoms is not passive. In June, he warned his European counterparts after the first complaints from VTC drivers against Uber for non-compliance with GDPR. The investigation is being conducted by the Dutch CNIL, where Uber’s head office is located. “Maybe the French CNIL is waiting for the outcome of this investigation, but it’s urgent,” Mee Questy reiterates. Since this summer, hundreds of millions of data from French citizens have flown to the United States. “Despite being contacted this Saturday, CNIL


As for the drivers, this fight is beyond Uber. “It uses Facebook, Google, all major US companies,” lists Brahim Ben Ali, general secretary of the National Intercindical VTC (INV). We are whistleblowers. What Americans do with our data. Created a giant site? “

When asked if data from European citizens was transferred to the United States, Uber did not respond. On the other hand, in an email, the site states: “Uber is committed to protecting the personal data of drivers and other users of our site and our services. All of our users may, at any time, access their data upon simple request (…) Finally, we will not share our users’ personal data without appropriate legal grounds for business purposes, or aggregation that does not allow our users to be identified. “

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