Environmental disaster in Israel. The oil has been damaged about a kilometer from the unknown ship Swi

Jerusalem This week, 160 kilometers of Israeli time was hit by remnants of oil spilled a week ago from an unprotected ship at the entrance to the studio. According to local experts, this is one of the worst environmental disasters in Israel in decades.

Thousands of volunteers helped, but many of them had to be admitted to hospital on Saturday because they were intoxicated by toxic fumes. Henceforth, he wrote on Saturday night that the military would also help for the same Israeli time. Jerusalem Post.

This week, during the period from Haifa in northern Israel to Akelon in the south, several dead animals appeared, including an elv and seventeen-meter Mayoka. In his case, however, the oil did not cause the death, according to the government’s series on production and national parks. However, Goldstein said the series was one of Israel’s biggest works, something he had never seen before.

At 160 km

According to Dora Adelista, an expert at the University of Haifa, this is the worst environmental disaster in less than 40 years, and a lot of oil is approaching.

The motive for Saturday’s attack on Israeli President Reuven Rivlin’s grapes was announced. The President said it was urgent to create a national whole, not an elite of environmental disasters like never before. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the five-member government would first receive a detailed report from the environment ministry.

The ministry is now testing samples from 10 ships from which the oil may have escaped from Israel. Environment Minister Gil Kamillov said the oil spill was first discovered about 50 kilometers from a week ago. On Saturday, aerial photographs showed that about 160 km of water had been submerged and that many large pieces of oil were 500 meters away from that time, approaching the Gulf of Haifa.

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