Antarctica: Earth’s last coveted continent seeks corona virus in bay

Antarctica: Earth's last coveted continent seeks corona virus in bay

The only continent on Earth with no Covid 19 cases, Antarctica, Is currently doing everything it can to ensure that none of the hundreds of scientists located there are infected with the deadly virus.

Nearly 30 million people have been affected Corona virus One of the British scientists there says that the ice world in 188 countries, but at the South Pole of the Earth, has been a “safe little bubble”.

In the days leading up to the corona virus, long-term isolation, self-doubt and psychological distress were common to Antarctic teams, while other parts of the world found their lives attractive.

But now, as millions around the world transform into a ‘new nature’ that includes masks and social distance, nearly 1,000 scientists and others working there have been able to enjoy relatively free life for months.

“In general, the freedoms granted to us are broader than the locked peak in the UK,” said Rob Taylor, who heads from the Antarctic Peninsula toward the tip of South America and is based in Britain’s Rhoda Research Station.

“We can ski, practice normally, run, and use the gym.

Arriving in October, the scientist completely missed the epidemic.

Nearly 1,000 people are stranded in Antarctica. debt: British Antarctic Survey

The 30 countries formed by the Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programs (COMNAP) were initially involved in epidemics to ensure that no epidemics occurred.

When the world was locked up in March, Antarctic plans acknowledged that the epidemic could turn into a major catastrophe.

With the world’s strong winds and cold temperatures, the size of the continent around the United States and Mexico is already dangerous for workers over 40 years.

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“A highly contagious novel virus with significant mortality and morbidity in the acute and severe environment of Antarctica is at high risk with catastrophic consequences with limited sophistication of medical care and public health responses,” said a COMNAP document seen by the Associated Press.

It said “efforts should be made immediately to prevent the virus from reaching the continent, as Antarctica can only be reached via a few airports or by ship.”

The council said it would no longer communicate with tourists and that “mutual visits and social events between stations / facilities should be stopped.”

“Faced with the highest uncertainty I have ever seen in my 25 years of government career, we re-planned a full research season in weeks,” said Stephanie Short, head of logistics at the U.S. Antarctic Project.

Now, with teams returning to Antarctica for the first time in months of sunshine and more colleagues going to work there, teams are eager to prevent the virus.

COMNAP executive secretary Michael Finnmore said every country out there sends less people to the snow than in the summer.

In Christchurch, New Zealand’s coastal town, Operation Deep Freeze is preparing to board a plane carrying about 120 people to McMurdo, the largest U.S. station.

30 countries have numbers in Antarctica. debt: British Antarctic Survey

To minimize contact between Antarctic workers and crew, the aircraft has a separate toilet.

The American social bubble started before leaving the United States in early August and continues until they reach the ice.

The United States sends a third of its regular summer staff to reduce the risk of the corona virus getting there.

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Research will be affected, however investing in robotics and instrumentation will greatly help transmit data from the field, said Alexandra Eisern, head of Antarctic science for the U.S. program with the National Science Foundation.

Nish Devanundan, South Africa’s director of Antarctic support, said some projects were postponing Antarctic operations until next year or 2022.

“I think the biggest concern for every country is to have the finger on the coffin to bring the virus,” he said. “Everyone is defending against it.”

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