Weather Warning: Strong ocean winds and heavy rain in the Sevens

Weather Warning: Strong ocean winds and heavy rain in the Sevens

Issued by Gilles MatriconMeteorologist

Heavy winds and heavy rain in the south

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Saturday, February 20 from 6:00 pm to Monday, February 22 from 6:00 pm.


Between an anticyclone centered on Germany and a depression developing in Spain and heading towards the Pyrenees, a prolonged episode of strong autonomous winds is expected until Monday at 80 to 100 km / h, and occasionally at 100 to 120 km / h in the Largoss. Parallel to this episode of strong winds, continuous low rainfall until Sunday evening is about the Sevens moving into the low-lying Balerix before it strengthens more clearly on Monday. 100 and 150 mm of water is expected, which is equivalent to one and a half months of rainfall.


This Saturday at 12 noon, Northwest of Hot-Coron, Torn, Avoron and Loser, Stables (48), 90 km / h, Saint-Felix-Largois (31) and Danus (81), 85 km Rhodes (11) and Millau (11) 70 km / h in Toulouse (31). The Basque Country is affected by very strong winds, with the effect of the phone peaking at 127 km / h between Saint-Jean-de-Luz (64) and Sipore (64) in Cape Sokova. On the side of Irati (64), the wind was blowing at a speed of 200 km per hour. Light rain settled in the Sevens Herald, which is driven by very prolonged sea breezes.


Here are the characteristics and expected evolution

Until tonight, Winds will reach 90km / h between Midi-Pyrenees and north of Avron tonight. At the Byronian peaks, winds often reach 120 mph. Rainfall continues in Sevens with intensities ranging from 1 to 2 mm / h.

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Saturday through Sunday night, Winds continue to intensify in carefully placed areas, up to 100 km / h in Larocay and reliefs of Dorn and Avoron. Light rain continues in the Sevens Herald.

Sunday, The wind blows south of Massif Central into the Cantal, Lot, Hot-Lower and Loser and reaches its maximum intensity between morning and early morning, up to 110 km / h in the Dorn and Avoron and Kendall mountains. At the same time, the rain will increase in the evening and the next night in Languedoc-Russell, increasing the depression towards Balerix.

Monday, While the episode of strong winds from Auton ends at Midi-Pyrenees in the early morning, south of Massif Central, heavy rain will continue from Sevens to Montagne Noir. From Saturday morning to Monday evening, an average of 100 mm of water is expected, accumulating up to 200 mm near the main reliefs, with an orographic effect. At the same time, the sea breeze will blow from Russellon to Provence at a speed of 100 km per hour, raising the sea with the risk of drowning in coastal waters.

This is Monday evening only, Before disappearing Tuesday morning, the rain will lose intensity.

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