The real story of the Tonia Harding-Nancy Kerrigan affair

The real story of the Tonia Harding-Nancy Kerrigan affair

The Ugly Duckling Versus. The Bride of America
In the appearance of this affair, a face-to-face encounter between two excellent athletes. Born in Portland, Oregon, Tonya Harding spends her unstable childhood with a father trucker and a mother bar worker. As pointed out Mary Clary, He moved 13 times – including once on a mobile home – 11 years ago. He started skating at the age of three under the supervision of his drunken mother, Laona Golden, Who is said to have abused her: “She hit me in front of everyone, with a hairbrush. She dragged me to the floor, to my hair, to the bathroom, ”she told the athlete in her autobiography in 2008. Tonya tape. Ugly duckling, he emphasizes his dumbass side, loves rock to classical music, and wears costumes sewn by his mother (which is often ridiculed by jurors). “I was told I was plump. That I was ugly. I will never do anything in my life, “he explained New York Times.

Nancy Kerrigan, on the other hand, combines all the superficial characteristics of a perfect skater: tall, slender, proud, dressed Vera Wang, The love of brands (from Disney to Ray-Ban). The young woman also comes from a normal background – a visually impaired housewife, a welder father, working tirelessly for her daughter’s sport – but she travels with her family every time. In 1992 the competition between the two skaters reached its peak. At the Olympics in Albertville, France, Nancy Kerrigan won the bronze medal on the face and beard of fourth-placed Tonia Harding. However, the latter has been an option until now, as he became the first American to reach three axes in the tournament a year ago.

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