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– We need to get ready for a gray weather weekend, says state meteorologist Gunnar Noyer.

The second highest warning was issued for very strong gases in the north, with the exception of rain and gases in many places in the south.

Winds of up to 40 meters per second are expected at several places in the North Trams and West Finmark. Strong icing is also expected in some coastal areas.

– Danger alert applies from night to Sunday and until Monday. The meteorologist says that along with the low temperature, it will also give strong icing on the ships.

Strong winds can cause snowfall and difficult driving conditions. Departure for boat, plane or other mode of transport is also possible.

Orange warning for North Trams and West Finmark

Strong winds are expected in some places this weekend.

Photo: Meteorological Institute

Difficult driving conditions

Low temperatures and rainfall were reported in many parts of the country this weekend.

– It can also be difficult driving conditions in the Northland and Trendelog, which freezes to the ground with rain.

Expect plenty of wind and some rain from the south across western Norway. The meteorologist says this also applies to Charland.

Rainfall is expected to pass over Norland and the North over the weekend.

– It may be a humid weekend. Winds from the southern edge are expected to blow lindenous and northward along the coast, Noyer says.

Danger warning in many places

In addition to the orange danger warnings in North Trams and West Finmark, danger warnings have also been issued in Trendelock and the Nortland.

The Norwegian Meteorological Agency has issued a yellow alert since Saturday for freezing rain on the ground.

So they warn people in Trendelock and the Northland about difficult driving conditions.

Strong icing near the beach

Sent danger warning air, in addition to strong icing. This will affect fjords and ships near the coast. It could also cause problems for floats, moored vessels and other infrastructure floating near open water, the Meteorological Agency said.

The meteorologist advises boat owners to take care of boats in port. Apart from being aware of difficult driving conditions, not only on mountain roads, but also in low-lying areas.

– Do not plan trips if you do not have to. Be prepared for slippery roads in many places, he says.

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