Will you be the first person on Mars? Prove it in this quiz!

Will you be the first person on Mars?  Prove it in this quiz!

Mars is on everyone’s lips now. No, not chocolate, but – figuratively speaking – the red planet.

On February 18, 2021, the “Perseverance” rover successfully landed on Mars. The moon landed in 1969 and is now a red planet.

But what do you really know about him? Here you have the opportunity to prove yourself now and determine what it takes to become the first person on Mars. Show us what you can do!


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5 C.H.F.

15 C.H.F.

25 C.H.F.


Best pictures from Mars. A space story

There is still one rover on Mars! Perseverance descended slowly

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Conspiracy theorists believe: Snow is fake in Texas!

The earth is flat, the moon landing is conducted, 5G controls thoughts – everything has already been heard. But it remains open: is snow really real in Texas?

Last week, the US state of Texas was hit by a historic snowstorm. On February 15, the temperature in Dallas dropped to -15 degrees – not the coldest since 1989, CNN reported. This temperature not only brought a lot of snow, but also a lot of problems: a lot of traffic accidents on icy roads, power outages, low water supply, houses damaged due to snowfall.

Some Texans consider this to be very suspicious …

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