Kyrie Irving insults LeBron in the middle of a game after a misconception!

Good situation during the protest between Kyrie Irving and LeBron James this Thursday evening. Despite a good defeat for the king, Uncle Drew did not hesitate to insult him with a simple sentence. Oops.

It was only this Thursday night that the Nets confronted the Lakers, and unfortunately not many. Anthony Davis on the Angelinos side, Kevin Durant in Brooklyn. We can add Dennis Schroeder as he was sidelined due to health protocol last time.

As one might imagine, the result was felt. 108-98 defeat to the Lakers who experienced the wrath of James Horton and his 23 divisions. In front, LeBron James 32 points stopped, but he was too lonely to expect anything.

In addition, King stood alone with numerous misdeeds, including 3 missed free throws. One of them happened after a technical glitch, and LeBron accepted responsibility for the backlash. The problem? His failure seems encouraging Kyrie Irving, Who destroyed it by a sentence after seconds.

“Is he your best free throw shooter?” “

Gairi after LeBron misses a shot

Did I play? We can see it that way considering the smile Kyrie has after her sentence. Anyway, it was horrible, especially during this meeting that the leader missed both shots. Fortunately for the fans, he was also able to talk about his game:

There is no respect for Kyrie Irving who spoke to LeBron James in the trash in the middle of a game with this sentence. Other than this time, the king had no last word. This may have been different in the playoffs.

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