In 2011, LeBron James actually played in the NFL

In 2011, LeBron James actually played in the NFL

Along with his basketball career, LeBron James was an Ohio star as a high school broadcaster, and before joining the NBA he received offers to attend football shows at Miami, Michigan and Ohio State Universities. American.

An avid fan of the Cowboys, the Lockers superstar has always kept an eye on the NFL and admitted that he considers doing tests. This is in 2011, at the time of the lockout, and we know the Dallas owner contacted him. But not only has she sent him his jersey since the Seahs called him …

“I’ve always thought about this” LeBron James retired from basketball and accepted the opportunity to try his luck in American football. “I was able to join the team. I would have gone through a test, but I would have joined the team. I do not mind working on anything, it does not matter whether you want to try with cowboys or seagulls or come home with Cleveland. I know what I can do in a domain. Especially at my age at the time. “

In 2011, LeBron James was 26, and he lost in the final to the Heat against Mavericks. He was severely criticized, and the formation of the “Three Amigos” was not associated with this lockout. Ten years later, his dream of playing in the NFL has passed, but he has not forgotten American football.

“Before I wanted to own my own NBA team, I always explained that I would be happy to be an American football coach in high school.” “King” continues In the columns of the athlete. “Being a coach or being an attack coordinator. Must be a kind of Andy Reid (Chief Coach) who creates crazy systems. I love games and always watch it. It’s in me, and that’s how I grew up. “

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