Check it out after Thursday! Last minute warning from meteorologist

Check it out after Thursday!  Last minute warning from meteorologist

At the last minute NewsI: IstanbulIs going on SnowfallAyton University Anatolian Vocational School Deputy Director Meteorologist Dr. Cowan Ostmeier said temperatures would drop rapidly from this evening. “The snowfall will continue to be effective. The air temperature will drop rapidly from this evening. The snow will gradually shift towards the east of Marmara, especially tomorrow afternoon. The east of Marmara, especially the waters and Tusla, Kardal Keps, Ile. It will intensify at these points. At these points it will increase the effect of the snow.” Then it will continue towards the Black Sea to the east.The system will lose its effect on Wednesday afternoon, but this time the frost will be more careful.This falling snowfall is very cold.It did not leave an effect, it took a value from 0 to minus 3 degrees, but in the coming days It will get cold, “he said.

It was snowing, and pictures like that came out

“Beware of events from Thursday”

The meteorologist said that the snowfall will decrease on Thursday, but the frost will increase due to the impact of the cold weather. Ostemir said, “From Thursday, cold weather will increase the impact of the whole country towards central Anatolia Marmara and eastern Anatolia. Unfortunately, due to the high pressure system, the frost will show itself effectively.” True, especially in the morning traffic, be very careful. Those who are out of work this week should not go out with their vehicles as much as possible. If the tires are not good, the slippage will be high, ”he said.

“From today to leave morality”

“Snow will leave the country as of Thursday. It may be found locally, but the cold weather will be useful though slightly. Temperatures start to drop from this evening. The snowfall will continue until Wednesday afternoon and Thursday. Said.

“We Can Hear Sky Noise, A Complete Atmospheric Event”
Claiming that the thunderstorm was an atmospheric phenomenon, Dr. Güven zdemir said, “Of course, thunder is heard, but this is not something to be afraid of. Unfortunately, we are all afraid of epidemics. But we do not have to be afraid of this thunder, even the normal atmosphere is events. The atmosphere is expressive,” he said.

“Temporals increase sin”

Dr. saying the temperature will rise next week. Ostemir said, “From Monday, the effect of high pressure will be felt more and more. It will cool the whole country at high pressure throughout the night, but the air will get a little warmer when you look at the sun. In central Anatolia, these values ​​will be negative, with Istanbul residents close to zero, 4-5-6. Occupancy rates have reached about 50 per cent, but that does not mean the drought is over. We need to continue to focus on water use, ”he said.

Snowfall warning from the Istanbul government

The Governor of Istanbul warned that heavy snowfall is expected today and tomorrow, so it is necessary to be careful and cautious against obstructions such as traffic jams, falling trees and poles, and flying roofs.

In a statement issued by the Governor of Istanbul, “In Istanbul Meteorological study According to estimates by the Directorate General, the weather is expected to continue today and tomorrow with incessant snow and heavy snowfall locally. Be careful and cautious against negatives such as icing and frost caused by snow and traffic disruptions. It is estimated that winds will blow from the north and northeast in the form of storms at speeds of 60-80 km per hour. It is necessary to be careful and cautious against possible traffic obstructions, such as falling trees and poles, and flying off the roof. “Revelations were provided.

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