The School of Magic: Disney’s Harry Potter is on view from February 20th

The School of Magic: Disney's Harry Potter is on view from February 20th

Titled The School of Magic, the new Disney Channel movie original airs this Saturday, February 20 at 9:15 a.m. on the Disney Channel.

The 90-minute television film is based on the children’s literature series written by Sarah Milinowski, Lauren Miracle and Emily Jenkins (the first two novels have been translated into French by Hachett as Maggie Meli-Melo, and seven are available in the original English version).

The fantastic but endearing fantasy film, The School of Magic Little Guide (s) is sure to delight Harry Potter fans. However, in a much less dark style, we chase young students from the school of magic and divide them into different classes according to their abilities.

At the age of 13, two friends, Norie and Raina, begin their education at Sage Academy, with two friends, Isabella Rose (Amazing Stories) and Siana Agutong (Nick’s Secret). Reena is a good student and the masters shoot right, while Nori has a hard time controlling the forces of her animal transformation. For example, when she has to turn an exercise into a kitten, she often has a half kitten / half beaver or half kitten / half dragon …

Considered to be inconvenient, children like Nori are grouped together in a special class where everything is taught so that they no longer use their powers, are highly desirable by evil forces, and are therefore very dangerous. But Nori does not want to give up magic … She wants to resist the forces of darkness, resisting the advice of her teachers and the help of her comrades …

First aired on the Disney Channel on July 31, 2020, with over 1.3 million viewers in the United States, The School of Magic launches vibrant adventures celebrating the difference, courage, and mutual aid of young and old alike.

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