CENS warns of new “rotating” power outages due to demand in northern Mexico

Cenace advierte nuevos cortes de luz “rotativos” por demanda en Norte de México

The National Energy Regulatory Center (Cenos) announced that from 6:17 pm to 11 pm, “rotating” power outages will begin due to the inability to meet the electricity demand.

Electrical failures will be coordinated by Sense Central Electricity Authority (CFE) from the north and from the west and east.

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In a series of tweets, The Prices He added that “strategic areas are guaranteed not to be affected” and added a “request for support”. The general publicAnd to the industrial sector to reduce the consumption of non-essential electrical energy ”.

The Center ensured that this would facilitate security and continuity and contribution to the national interconnected system.

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The blackout affected 4.6 million people

The second major blackout in recent months has affected 4.6 million people in six Mexican states, with a four-hour power outage beginning in Chihuahua, Cohuvila, Nuevo Leவோn and parts of Tamaulipas. Central Electricity Authority (CFE).

Darkness began at 7:58 a.m. on Monday, February 15, until about 11:30 p.m. The new lion 75%, their ul lipas 39%, and only in Durango and Socadas the total restoration already achieved.

At a press conference, CFE representatives explained that there are still 2.5 million customers Electrical power They will get it as soon as coal, fuel oil and other fossil fuel plants come into operation.

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