How YouTube’s methods exploit our cognitive impairments

How YouTube's methods exploit our cognitive impairments

Details – In psychology researchers understand the tricks used to motivate us to see more and more content.

We don’t need a global conspiracy to manipulate us. The web giants ’recommendation methods are wonderfully responsible for exposing us to selected content, so we always use more: almost three-quarters of the content viewed on YouTube is recommended! Among their tools, “dark mode”, which can be translated as “obscure paths” (quite simply) or “bad interface” (in Quebec). These are Machiavellian weapons designed to exploit the flaws in our intellect …

“On YouTube, the infinite thread of the first dark times videos usedSeverin Erhel, a lecturer in cognitive psychology and ergonomics at Rennes-II University, explains. The user takes action to stop the algorithm setting process, otherwise the videos will scroll without stopping. ” The user who is absorbed by the flow of images will be reluctant to block it. Especially since an event called the “Hyperbolic Discount” is set:

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