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Clay Thompson posts 3 viral pictures of his Valentine’s Day … solo

The deformed Achilles tendon was removed from the field for treatment, Clay Thompson did not have the best time of his career. He can at least enjoy his leisure time outside the barquet sites, apart from the pitch, which is not fun Total Not anymore. Without the passion for Valentine’s Day, the shooter got the chance to make a fuss!

The adventures of Clay Thompson this season are so exciting to follow. Fans should see him improving as a commentator for the Warriors games – He was completely eliminated by igniting an opposing player. The rest of the time, he is on the Golden State bench during meetings at the Chase Center. Suffice it to say that Clay still can’t stand it!

His former team player Kevin Durant also spoke of the shooter’s impatience at finding land. Besides, the level of privacy also seems to be quiet for him. Solo for Valentine’s Day, Clay decided to take a little trip and enjoy his day! A way to reward him with 3 epic photos (remember to scroll down the post below).

Happy Valentine’s Day. Everyone loves everyone – Jackie Moon #JayMeville

Since he was without a boyfriend on February 14th, we could leave for the back of Auckland Bay. In the third shot he is looking on the horizon even for his future girlfriend …

Like his former teammate and best friend Zaza Pacchulia, his position certainly gave WNBA legend Sue Bird a laugh.

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Jaza Pachulia : Are you sure you’re fine?

Unable to ignite the floors with the firefighter’s gifts, the back holds his sense of humor, and ensures the canvas is redesigned with the journeys he secretly enjoys.

Clay Thompson made the most of Valentine’s Day with a short trip to the ocean ! Without Valentine, he was able to declare his flame for his truly great love: Auckland Bay.

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