The WTF reason why the Lockers want to see Smith Drummond

Le pivot star des Cleveland Cavaliers, Andre Drummond, déconfit devant la punchline envoyée par un scout NBA en sa direction

Many would love to see the Andre Drummond Lakers come in, especially to face the crazy team assembled by the Nets. Among the people who want to see the champions strengthen inside is Stephen A. Smith is one… but he wants to see Drummond land for completely impossible reasons!

Now facing the Armada fitted with the signed Nets In the unexpected role of Blake Griffin, Lockers can not be idle until the trade deadline… That’s good, many rumors refer to them! One player in particular will be Andre Drummond and will be watched The well-known NFL star has announced that the deal is already over !

Hallway noises Stephen A. Make Smith a famous consultantESPN. He was not particularly happy LeBron James He will get a little help in his quest for the fifth ring, but especially since the lead will finally form in a franchise that all basketball fans will see … the world can finally find … its many balls!

Andre Drummond is a good player, a great reviewer… But sometimes he does things, how to put it? Very entertaining ?! “WHAT ?!” What ?! “. So I’m so glad to see reports sending Andre Drummond to the lockers because he never got the site he deserved in Detroit and Cleveland!

Imagine him throwing his opponents to the ground for no reason at Staples Center with a Lakers jersey! * Laughter explodes * I can’t wait to see this ஸ் Los Angeles, please sign up for Andre Drummond! By the way, he can really play, can restart. I want to see him do it and everything in the final! * Bursts out laughing again *

When he is 100% focused on the game and his performances, Andre Drummond is often a front-runner with an all-star level… but when he is distracted, one wonders what he is doing on the floor. That’s why Stephen A. Smith wants to see him in the dominating champions! At the same time, how can we not imagine the LeBron reaction to such an act?

It’s hard to imagine that Drummond would have come out of a completely absurd act if he had signed with the Lakers பாருங்கள் See how the pressure of a title calmed Javel McKee with the Warriors and then the Lakers!

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