Wearing a mask like this protects better! News

Wearing a mask like this protects better!  News

Wearing a mask like this protects better!

U.S. A study released by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that wearing a double mask can prevent 92.5 percent of the passage of Covit-19 particles by completely covering the nose and mouth.

According to AA’s CNN report, disposable surgical masks do not fit snugly on the face and can allow particles to enter from gaps, and fabric masks on disposables are said to be much better provided by wearing protection against Covit-19.

Knowing the side of the mask

The study pointed out that in addition to the double mask plays an important role in preventing the “knot” particles of the mask thread from moving inwards, the fact that the edges of the mask are folded inwards and the ear lobe threads are tied helps to improve the overall performance of the masks at a point closer to the fabric.

According to the study, a mask built on both sides prevents 63 percent of the particles from passing through. In knotless masks this ratio drops to 42 percent.

CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Valensky said, “We recommend that masks consist of two or more layers, covering the entire nose and mouth and fitting to the sides of the nose and face.”

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