Stonehenge "Second Hand" was originally from Wales-

Stonehenge “Second Hand” was originally from Wales-

Corresponding from London The hand of the magician Merlin may actually be behind the mystery of Stonehenge. Medieval legend contains it The megalithic circle in the Salisbury Plain was brought there from Ireland by order of the Master of Spells: According to the history of the British monarchs, written by the 12th-century monk Monmouth Godfrey, Merlin wanted the circular Dance of the Giant of stones on Mount Gillarus to be brought to England and erected as a monument. British troops were treacherously massacred by the Saxons. King Art’s Uncle Aurelius Ambrosius is a monument he wanted to live on forever. But when the 15,000 men working at the company found it difficult to remove the stones from the ground, Merlin intervened on several tools.

It now turns out that there are grains of truth in the myth: Because the Stonehenge Circle was actually second hand and brought there from Wales, It arose first. British Archaeologists von Mann, Pembrokeshire, The original site where the monument was built 4000 thousand years ago. But after 3000 BC, the Stone Age tribes who built the first stone circle migrated to England, taking their crown jewels with them.

A remarkable work involving the displacement of tons of plates over a distance of about 250 kilometers: transport is assumed to have taken place at a rate of five kilometers per day (excluding magical arts).

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