Vladimir Putin is taking drastic measures to avoid COVID-19

Vladimir Putin is taking drastic measures to avoid COVID-19

President Trump may have praised Russian President Vladimir Putin – but the two took completely different approaches to the corona virus.

Although Trump often wears masks and flies to rallies across the country, Putin has been living and working since the outbreak of the epidemic in March, calling him a “bubble boy.” Seanfield.

With a few exceptions, Putin has gathered at his home outside Moscow – serious measures have been taken to ensure he does not catch the virus.

Employees who come to work with him have to do more than wear a mask and keep a distance of two meters.

Outsiders must pass through special disinfectant mines before going anywhere near him, CNN Announced. The mines were set up in June in Chess Putin.

That same month, Putin appeared in public for a postponed Victory Day parade with dozens of World War II veterans who had to be isolated two weeks before the event.

Recently, a Russian intelligence news release He outlined the details of his relationship with Putin. Those seeking even the most basic photo apps with Putin should be subjected to strict isolation for two weeks.

Project This summer, close Putin staff said he should be isolated for two weeks at a nearby health resort and undergo rigorous tests before being allowed into his presence.

This article first appeared New York Post And re-created with permission

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