Instagram announces war on Dictoc videos shared on the platform

Instagram announces war on Dictoc videos shared on the platform

Instagram will now highlight videos with the shared Dictoc logo on the app, reducing the number of views.

Integration with its own applications with features from previously competing sites Instagram, Has recently declared war on Dictok.

InstagramRecently introduced the best feature of Dictoc, the video editing tool “Reels”.

But still Instagram CEO Adam Mossery said the reels design did not deliver what was expected and that Dictoc was present and that they would work to make the stage more different.

Instagram Barriers to Dictoc videos

Instagram Videos from different sites are also often shared. Most of these videos are dictatorial videos.

Instagram, This will make changes to the “Discover” tab to quickly remove videos with the logo of Dictoc and other applications. As a result, videos with the Dictoc logo are less visible to users.


The reasons for this decision are explained in the post on the Creators account of Instagram.

The Instagram Reels experience is said to be limited due to the low quality of the videos taken and shared from different sites and the presence of logos on the videos.

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