Even after he was removed from the Star Wars series, Gina Carono still talks about him

Even after he was removed from the Star Wars series, Gina Carono still talks about him

Gina Carano ignited social networks with controversial comments. After being removed by Lucasfilm, the actress was already able to relocate …

After appearing in movies Deadpool And Fast & Furious6 (In particular), the American wrestler was able to record permanently on screens by accepting the role of Cara Dunne in this series. Mandalorian. A lone mercenary, a former rebel shock trooper, he becomes a powerful ally during Mondorian’s adventures. Good reception by history buffs Star Wars – I have to say that woman is a badass! – Cara had time to give Dunne her own spin-off. It was unbelievable to use the actress and social networks.

Photo, Gina CarnoWhen you put your tongue in your mouth …

Lucasfilm was already ashamed of its stance, especially against wearing the mandatory mask or against the election of Joe Biden; Karno is now known as an election fraud. She was eventually fired Military hands After comparing disappointed Republican voters with Jews persecuted during the Holocaust. She was also released by her agency. We do not know what path Disney bosses have planned for Cara Dunne, but one thing is for sure, her translator will no longer appear in any project related to the Star Wars universe. A short-lived disappointment for the wrestler who has already found a way to relocate to the conservative American media.

In an interview with the American press Deadline She expressed herself:

“The Daily Wire helps me achieve one of my dreams – to make and make my own film. I cried, my prayers were heard. I send a message of hope to everyone who lives in fear of being destroyed by a dictatorial mob. I hope that inspires. “

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Photo, Gina Carno… before saying something stupid

Founded by the highly conservative American journalist Ben Shapiro Daily Wire An American news site is inevitably accused of conforming to the facts. In recent years, he has been trying to form an alliance with Bonfire Legend, a production company led by American producer Dallas Sonier (Section 99 – High Security Ward, VFW, Satanic Panic). In January 2021, the fruit of their first collaboration was released: the film Run Hide Fight, Which depicts a young high school girl trying to save her classmates from being shot.

So Ben Shapiro rescued Gina Carano and announced:

“We can’t be too excited to work with Gina Carono, an incredible talent by Disney and Lucasfilm for upsetting Hollywood’s dictatorial left. […] We are happy to show Gina’s talent to adoring Americans, want to show Hollywood that if they get rid of those who think differently, they are going to help us create X-Wing. Destroy their death star. “

PhotoMandalorian: Helmet needed

The American far-right that compares itself to the Jedi rebels? Here again is an unfortunate comparison … an ideological war seems to have been long overdue in Hollywood. American political life is so polarized that it is polluting everything, including the serial world.

The last chapter of Mandalorian Released with Gina Carno December 18, 2020 On Disney + (our review of the last episode is here) and the third season has already been announced on stage. Shooting should begin in the monthavril According to the American site Product list. This is not very good news for Saga fans: it means Montalorian and Croke will definitely not return in 2021 …

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