Vaccination is preferred for those with significant obesity and Down syndrome Domestic

Vaccination is preferred for those with significant obesity and Down syndrome  Domestic

Last Friday, Minister De Jong (Public Health) finalized the vaccination strategy for the use of the Astra vaccine. Following the advice of the Health Council, in addition to the elderly between the ages of 60 and 64, health workers and medical risk groups will be vaccinated this quarter.

Employees in nursing home care for the disabled, community nursing and psychiatric institutions receive their vaccine through GGT. Other groups are vaccinated with GPS. Since there are not enough vaccines available to start all the regions at the same time, the injection program will be limited to GPs in Zealand. They start with medical risk groups and 63 and 64 year olds. Then it was the turn of 60-, 61- and 62-year-olds.


Initially, it was determined that this included four clinical pictures of clinical risk groups: kidney patients, organ or bone marrow transplant patients, those with immunocompromised diseases, and those with lymphoma or leukemia over the past five years. On Thursday, three patient groups were added to the category: those with Down’s syndrome, those with neurological disorders (causing respiratory problems) and those with obesity.

AstraZeneca will actually deliver 4.5 million vaccines to our country in the first three months. Due to manufacturing problems in the pharmaceutical sector, it increased to 1.4 million. As a result, the Cabinet will have to determine more precisely who is next to this vaccine.

Staff working in intensive care and clinics are already being vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine. The most vulnerable residents in nursing homes and institutions with disabilities, as well as the elderly, receive the Pfizer vaccine or similar vaccine from Moderna.

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