The current star with a dreamy memory of Tony Parker

The current star with a dreamy memory of Tony Parker

After being away from NBA sites for almost two years, Tony Parker has left an indelible mark on league history. As confirmed by the current big name shocked by the French, he has done this in the minds of his opponents as well.

A player does not accidentally promote the entire young generation of an entire country. Tony Parker, the first French representative to achieve truly immigrant performance in the NBA, later compiled achievements in the Spurs jersey. Sextable All-Star, four-time champion, 2007 finalist MVP: His record speaks for itself.

But more than a team player capable of completing his role in the San Antonio partnership, TP was able to send some dirty evenings to his direct opponents. However, C.J. This is the memory he left with McCollum, the latter revealed in an interview Doc Basket.

I’m trying to remember the first European to give me a hard time, so this was my fancy season… Yes, Tony. He can do whatever he wants. Intermittent shots, floats, intrusions நான் I did not play much in my fancy year, but in the rare times he did, he always played very well against me.

With only 38 games played in his first year in the league, it is true that the Blazers have not had a chance to compete against all the best players on the old continent in the back. However, in the 8 games against Parker, the French captain did everything to mark his memory forever.

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It was only during successive playoffs between the two teams that McCullum was able to confirm his opponent’s ability. In the 5 games that allowed Spurs to qualify, TP averaged 18.4 points, 5.2 assists, 50.6% shooting and 42.9 in 3 points. His point in Game 1 with 32 points and 9 assists still to hunt down the Blazers scorer.

CJ, who was a simple role player in his first year with the pros. McCollum saw the gap separating him from star status thanks to Tony Parker. A good body trained in France, he still remembers.

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