Obesity, the other risk of American football

Obesity, the other risk of American football

After the fireworks and other pyrotechnic matches on Sunday (Monday 12:30 pm in Europe) at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, the All-America wait begins: the Super Bowl, the final between the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots with over 110 million spectators. Live. But in the National Football League (NFL), you can only see the problems better when the lights go out. For the past fifteen years, brain damage due to trauma has worried scientists. Most recently, another sport hit ex-athletes, unexpectedly on the ground for the best athletes: obesity and its ill effects.

This obesity primarily affects one type of athlete: Lineman. Water carriers NFL style, their purpose is to open up breaches in the defense against their runners and protect their quarterback. To win their duels against counter-attack, they need to be tall, big and big. Trent Brown with the Patriots (2.03m per 172kg) and Endamukong Suh (1.93m at the 142kg) with the Rams will face each other in the middle of this Colosseum set. Pounds in addition to the first would be a number of arguments for resisting the second.

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