Volcanoes and eruptions on March 10

Volcanoes and eruptions on March 10

Sino-American disaster film SkyfireThe program store in France, which was a huge success in China, will be released on March 10 on VOD, Blu-ray and DVD.

Meng (Hannah Quinlivan), a geologist, developed an excellent earthquake warning system by studying the Tianhua volcano on a paradise island in the Pacific. For two decades, Tianhuo has been unconscious, but Meng is afraid of his awakening. Despite his warnings, American Jack Harris (Jason Isaacs) built a luxurious amusement park at the foot of the abyss. Alas, Meng is right: Tianhuo is preparing a new Donetsk rage at the inauguration of Harris Park …

Good start before Govt

Located at the place of awakening Volcano, The pinnacle of Dante Or the most recent San Andreas (Our Syncold Disaster Pictures: An Autopsy of a Type), Skyfire Directed by Simon West, producer of several major action movies (Laura Croft Tomb Rider, The wings of hell). The shot in both versions of this Sino-American blockbuster (Chinese and English) landed in China last December before a good start (25 4.25 million revenue on the first day) was stopped by the Govt epidemic.

Almost all Chinese castings

Except for Jason Isaacs (Patriot, Fall of the Black Balkans) And Stunt Woman and Actress Alice Riotweld (Ant Man and Wasp, Spiderman: Returning home), The cast of the film are purely Chinese. Starring Hannah Quinlivan (Skyscraper, Shangha work) And Suiki Wang (Iron Man3, Bodyguards & Assassinations).

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