Support Touch Down Act in DB: Bottle Openers Arrived! | Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

Support Touch Down Act in DB: Bottle Openers Arrived!  |  Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

This is enough to celebrate the end of the season in style! If you enjoyed the coverage of the Touch Down Act, you can continue to support us Our tippy pot.

There is something new in the rewards! Now you can get a beautiful bottle opener in the colors of the site. In practice, it is magnetized so that it is always visible in your refrigerator. Besides, it has a nice smooth matte finish.

It was an opportunity for us to reorganize colleagues. In addition to each of the other things separately, there are now three packages. Beer (coaster and bottle opener, € 30), advertising (stickers, pins, magnets, keering, € 40) and wholesale (all goodies, € 60).

Many of you have supported us this season and we thank you. This support site should be rewarded in the coming months with a new version. It will contain detailed information about the free agency and the draft.

So do not hesitate to participate Our tippy pot To help with all of that.

How can I help?

The policy is simple, sign up and choose how much you want to pay each month. It could be a euro. Small streams form big rivers! If you no longer wish to pay, you can stop or change the amount at any time. In particular, PayPal can be used.

Everyone has their own vision of magazines, and we know that some of our readers like to donate a few dollars and block advertising. We understand that very well.

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Everything on the site is free. Everyone can access the same content. This is simply possible and only for those who want to support the life of the site. If you do not feel it, you do not have to do anything.

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