Tremond puts a superstar in the sauce: “He’s not in very bad shape”

Tremond Green has never stopped speaking his mind since joining the NBA. In a certain context due to the epidemic that has reduced the office, the Warriors’ interior has hit hard on a superstar, by which time he is fully visible on the streets. Who? All traces indicate a specific name …

NBA was able to save the 2020/2021 season. Thanks to a good adaptation to the health environment and the implementation of strict rules, we were able to continue this year’s event. However, with Orlando coming out of the bubble, the players did not retire as usual before dealing with the season.

This is more for those who have come a long way in the playoffs: the NBA finals ended on October 13 and the season resumed on December 22. Some superstars were successful in the beginning, and that too, Tremond Green Don’t miss it. Guest on the podcast All in, Three-time NBA Champion named after a player he has never met:

I don’t want to say a name, but I mean a particular superstar, I’ve never seen him. I’m not talking about Luke or James Horton. He’s not physically out now … but I understand exactly the bubble and everything that happened.

Taps Burger did not give a name, if he did not discount Luca Doncic Or James Horton, One would soon have thought he was referring to those two. In fact, we saw both stars gradually making a sluggish start to the season before regaining their status. Do not want to shoot the tray ambulance:

At least it was a very difficult season. I think a lot of guys are struggling now, but we all want to continue our work.

So who is the Warrior talking about? Of the superstars who ended up, obviously LeBron James And Anthony Davis : The first name seems to have been designed in such a way as not to reveal a success and exhaustion, but the second fits exactly with the description of the interior of the Golden State. Also, all internet users think that Green is really targeting Unipro …

AD Bubble was injured and played, recovering only 70 days to start again. The big man seems to have no rhythm, especially in the attack he fights overall, An astonishing winger surpasses him statistically!

Sends Blindness to Tremond Green Superstar He Never seen next to her pumps. All the clues are far from his usual production with Anthony Davis. We still remember that he runs 22 points and 8 reps. An accident that can produce!

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