NFL: Matthew Stafford expects Detroit to depart shortly before the 2020 campaign

NFL: Matthew Stafford expects Detroit to depart shortly before the 2020 campaign

Quarterback Matthew Stafford told two Detroit media outlets that he was considering leaving the Lions shortly before the 2020 campaign.

Jared Koff and the man who fulfilled his wish when he went to the Los Angeles Rams against the three draft exams were eager to refer to it as “the hardest conversation of his life” when he was officially asked to trade.

If the team ever wanted to experience regime change and rebuild, Stafford wanted to take that direction, which seems necessary in Detroit.

“Every time you change your coach or general manager you know they want to surround themselves with their staff and it takes time. I don’t think I would have enjoyed this period,” Quarterback said.

Knowing that he has given everything for this team on the field, he leaves the Stafford Lions in peace. He is the leader of the organization in passing yards with 45,109 and 282 touchdowns.

“Sometimes it’s not the result we want, but knowing that I’ve given up everything I had,” he said.

Stafford made it clear that it would initially trade for 49ers, Golds or Team Washington due to quarterback requirements. He later learned of Rams’ interest when they jumped into the race and eventually won it.

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