Iran warns of running out of patience with US

Mohamad Yavad Zarif

Mohammad Yawat Sharif

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Yavatserif today warned that the United States’ decision to withdraw from the Comprehensive Comprehensive Action Plan (JCPO) or the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty is over.

Zarif criticized the current US government for failing to act quickly to correct the wrongdoings of its predecessors.

According to the head of Iranian diplomacy, Tehran is losing patience with Washington’s demand that it maintain illegal sanctions as a bargaining chip.

Iran insists on the immediate removal of the first US punitive measures, without which he stressed that it would be meaningless for the United States to return to the agreement.

If US sanctions are not lifted before February 21, a law passed by parliament will allow Tehran to be ousted by the JCP.

“The more they hesitate, the more the United States will lose,” Zarif said succinctly. He said the delay would damage the image of the Biden administration (Joe Biden) by showing that he did not want to save Donald Trump’s failed policy on Iran.

In May 2018, Trump removed his country from the nuclear deal signed in 2015 between Iran and the 5 + 1 group (US, United Kingdom, France, Russia and China and Germany) and reconsidered measures against the Islamic Republic, which had been removed under the nuclear deal. .

Tehran began to reduce its nuclear stability, seeing the inaction of European signatories in the face of North American pressure.

Washington was interested in returning to the agreement, but announced that it would seek to link other issues unrelated to those stamped out in 2015, stipulating that Tehran resume its obligations with JC Bowe.

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Iranian officials have reiterated that they will reject any amendment to the plural agreement under UN Security Council Resolution 2231, although all other signatories will return to the treaty if they do so.

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