Nevada wants to allow high-tech companies to form "local governments" - RT en français

Nevada wants to allow high-tech companies to form “local governments” – RT en français

Nevada plans to provide businesses with the opportunity to create “separate local governments,” i.e., areas where they exercise the same powers as districts: taxes, schools, etc.

Areas are no longer administered by public administrations, but by corporations? This is not a scene from an anticipated movie, but a project in the US state of Nevada, specifically the company mentions. Associated Press.

To make his state more attractive, the state’s Democratic Governor, Steve Sissolak, announced a plan called “Innovation” Zones to revive the state’s economy by attracting technology companies, according to an article on the site. Las Vegas Review-Journal February 3.

Steve Sissolak outlined his plan in his January 19 state speech. This includes bringing new companies to the forefront of “breakthrough technologies” through a system other than tax breaks and other government-funded incentives, which previously helped companies like Nevada Tesla Inc.

An unprecedented step in this plan would be to create an “alternative form of local government” Las Vegas Review-Journal, Who approached the text of the bill in this matter, which may be amended before it is officially introduced in the State Legislature.

These innovation zones use the same powers as districts to form local governments for businesses with a large land area, including the ability to raise taxes, create school districts and courts and provide applications.

In his speech last month, Steve Sisolak, Blockchains, LLC pledged to create a “smart city” (Smart City) In the east of Reno, if this bill is passed, it will be dedicated to blockchain technology.

Very specific award conditions

Concrete, always step Las Vegas Review-Journal, The Governor’s Office of Economic Development will be responsible for requests for these “innovation zones” and will be limited to companies operating in specific areas of operation: blockchain, robotics, cyber materials, robotics, artificial intelligence or technology renewable resources.

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According to the draft text, in the requirements for candidate companies, they must have at least 202 square kilometers of undeveloped and uninhabited land separated from any city. They will need at least $ 250 million for such a project and plan to invest $ 1 billion in their dedicated areas over 10 years.

These discovery zones will initially operate under the supervision of their home districts, but will eventually be responsible for the responsibilities of the district in their region. They will have three-member oversight boards with the same powers as county commissioners, over which government agencies will retain significant control.

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