Do not install! Focus on the pros and cons of using WA GB – all pages – Last Tuesday, ‘WA GB‘Or’WA MOD‘Became a topic Is popular On social media like Twitter and Dictoc.

Share GB or WA GB Netizens’ talk came as the app is said to have many benefits Chat Default version.

WA GB This is a modified or modified version of the application Share It offers additional customization from appearance to features.

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But a few do not reject the use of WA GP because it is considered unresolved for ordinary WA users, especially with regard to privacy.

For more details, see the pros and cons of using WA GB

Advantages of WA GB

  • Boring display as there are different themes in WA GB.
  • Other users can read deleted messages.
  • You can remove the ‘Currently typing’ or ‘Typing’ indicator.
  • You can change the font style in the application by selecting two.
  • Allows the user to see the status that other users have deleted.
  • You can download the status without taking screen shots.

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  • Because it is a modified application, WA GB calls for security vulnerabilities such as malware and spyware.
  • This may harm the privacy of other standard versions of WA users because GB WA users can read deleted chats and download levels that are more than 24 hours long.
  • No one guarantees the protection of the personal data of WA mode users.

In this regard, WhatsApp has not provided any response or action to WA GB users. However, if you look at the reports CNET In 2019, users will temporarily block their party if things like this are left unresolved and caught using unofficial applications.

On the other hand, this application is not available on Google Play. Users must download them from external sites that Google cannot guarantee their security.

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So it has many benefits and advantages WA GB Or WA MOD As you can see. So, be smart in using technology, not just use apps, especially unofficial ones. Guys.

Author: Hanif Bond

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