Starship SN9 landing failed, another final to land!

Starship SN9 landing failed, another final to land!

After several adjournments, ei Problems with FAA Following the alleged violations with Previous version SN8, The lThe high-end release of the Starship SN9 is finally here. Delayed due to several hours of waiting and a Pontembone car entering the restricted area, Release started at 21.25 If we assume that the operation should be completed by 1 p.m.

Starship SN9 started, 3 engines pushed it to a height of about 10 km, then started the most subtle operation, it turned to the ground. The ship went down horizontally for most of the tracks, so far so good, the idea is actually to use aerodynamic resistance to brake the SpaceX vehicle that is being imposed in preparation for landing. But problems eventually came when Belly Flop tried to land the maneuver spacecraft back on its feet.

Again something went wrong, the engines obviously did not start, or at least not all of them, but making accurate analyzes very quickly. The spacecraft crashed to the ground and exploded, In a more distorted way than the previous time.

Not bad SpaceX However, tests that allow you to understand where these can be improved and fixed, and above all understanding what the problem is of not running one or more Raptor engines, cancel out the orientation correction maneuver. SpaceX started a live broadcast a few minutes ago and we propose to repeat it if you miss the event.

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