Mario Draghi was asked to form a government in Italy

Mario Draghi was asked to form a government in Italy

In Italy, the government of Giuseppe Conte collapsed in January, and coalition parties differ mainly on how to use resources from the EU recovery fund. Later, the new faction needed a trusted expert to lead the government, and the possibility of early elections was ruled out due to the epidemic situation. In recent days, Mario Draghi may have been the head of government, and on Wednesday he was officially invited by the president to form the government.

Of course, the new government needs to get a parliamentary majority in the fragmented legislature. Despite President Matterella’s call for unity, so far only the centrist parties have confirmed their support for Drake. To be elected prime minister, the former president of the ECP will also need the support of the Five Star Movement or the Nationalist League. Previously, both parties refused to allow economists or technicians to lead the new government.

If the former central bank governor does not mobilize enough support, early elections in the country are likely to come, which could be the worst situation due to the epidemic or a quick decision on the use of the EU. Redemption Fund.

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