US election 2020 live: US votes for next president Joe Biden or Donald Trump

US election 2020 live: US votes for next president Joe Biden or Donald Trump

BJoe Wallen said that perhaps the most enthusiastic well-wishers for Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris can be found in Tulasendrapuram, a small Indian village about 8,000 miles from the White House, where Ms Harris’ grandmother was born.

During her election campaign, Ms Harris often spoke fondly of her Indian roots, drawing inspiration and fighting from her civil servant grandfather who opposed British colonial rule.

Ms. Harris’ mother, Shymala, emigrated from the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu to the United States in the 1950s to pursue a master’s degree in nutrition and endocrinology at the University of California, Berkeley.

Residents of Tulasendrapuram have been enthusiastically watching his rise through American politics, and hope that Tuesday’s prayers will be enough to ensure victory for Ms Harris and the Democrats.

During the ceremony, milk was poured on Dharma Shasta Ayyanar for good luck to the Hindu deity of his grandfather’s family.

“If he wins, it will be great. It will definitely put India on a pedestal, which will show a woman of Indian descent achieving great things,” said V. Sivakumar, a village priest. Financial Times. To the residents of Tulasendrapuram, Ms. Harris’ story refers to the possibility of a hard-working woman of Indian descent, and a large poster of her now proudly stands outside the village entrance. “She’s the daughter of the village soil,” Lalita, a housewife from the village, told the New York Times. “The level she has reached is incredible.”

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