[Le bon numéro] # 21: Sanders, Chapter 2 | Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

[Le bon numéro] # 21: Sanders, Chapter 2 |  Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

A player is identified by his style of play, his personality, his physique but his number. The sign of a strong connection is that players often have the same number (if possible) when switching teams, and this can sometimes become a communication tool as well.

During the 99 episodes, the NFL A holder and replacement each time.

In this new episode, a titanic fight between two monsters develops at very different levels.

Title: Diane Sanders (CB / WR, Atlanta Falcons 1989-93, San Francisco 49ers 1994, Dallas Cowboys 1995-99, Washington Redskins 2000, Baltimore Ravens 2004-05)

The players who are legends on the pitch, the others are out. Diane “Prime Time” has the specialty of linking both sides to Sanders. An electrifying and colorful player, he threatened to oppose the quarterbacks in the 1990s.

Although he was primarily a famous cornerback, he was also an excellent earner. This diversity gives him the uniqueness of having been in 2 positions (CB and PR) and All Pro in three positions (CB, PR and KR) on the regular team of the decade.

If he starts his career with the legendary Falcons, he will earn his two rings out of two historical owners. Chief of the Knights, where he won the San Francisco Defender of the Year title for a year and then the Cowboys. Apparently the Hall of Famer, he logically won the place of the holder.

Respondent: Latinian Tomlinson (RP, San Diego Chargers 2001-09, New York Jets 2010-11)

If it is necessary to explain the chargers of the 2000s, only one face of the Latin Tomlinson comes to mind. The dominant runner, he left his mark in the league in 2006 and became MVP with 2,323 yards and 31 touchdowns.

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Sevenfold All Pro, as elegant as he was powerful, often carried the team on his shoulders. Unfortunately, he never gets a chance to shine in the playoffs, and a team’s fault often performs better in decisive matches. He has twice reached the conference finals with San Diego in 2007 and with the Jets in 2010.

With 18,456 yards and 162 touchdowns for the versatile runner, these numbers prove the significance of the former DCU’s life. He’s a luxury replacement for this number, which may have gone to the little-known Eddie Meteor, but it fits the San Diego legend the most.

Mentions: Eddie Meteor (DP), Eric Allen (CB), John Hadle (QB), Rick Volk (DP), Tiki Barber (RP), Cliff Branch (WR)

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