Omar Xi’s “Glamor” is a rarity in the French series … Reasons for the “Lupine” box in the United States

Omar Xi's "Glamor" is a rarity in the French series ... Reasons for the "Lupine" box in the United States

Umar Sai in the series “Lupine”. – Netflix

From our correspondent in the United States,

So Netflix has its French box. After several ovens (ah, MarseilleD), Lupine Seems like his third big start to a series. So the American company quickly announced the arrival of the second part of the Gentleman bandit adventures played by Umar Sai for the summer. A planetary victory that America could not escape.

A real success in the United States… It is hard to measure

Netflix announced with fan cheers To its shareholdersIn mid-January, 11 days after Lupine, the series reached the mark of “70 million families have decided to watch” in four weeks. Be careful, there are two big caveats: at this point it is a project – we need to know the final stats by the middle of the week – and Netflix connects any subscriber for at least two minutes.

The opacity of Netflix viewers is not known how many people watched the series, or the entire episode. These numbers cannot be compared to the official audience that Nielsen measures for traditional television. But it certainly is Lupine Need to overtake on Netflix Ladies game (62 million) and Paper House (65 million) on the third step of the stage, behind The Witcher (76 million) and Bridgeton (82 million).

It is all over the world. In the United States, when it was released, Lupine Rised to second place among the most watched shows of the week. It is impossible to have an exact person – Netflix did not respond to our requests – but this is the first time a French product has made it into the top 10 in the US. A performance as remarkable as Raymond Chandler and Colombo Country, the character created by Maurice Leplong is an unknown.

American critics are dumb and compassionate

But that’s the real surprise Lupine Was enthusiastically welcomed by American critics. Heavy tactics and advances have divided French journalists relatively (3.2 average journal in allocin), The fiction of George Kay and Franுவாois Hussein is set in a house on the other side of the Atlantic: 97% “new” in the collection (positive reviews) Rotten tomatoes And a score of 83/100 Metacritic. As for the Atlantic, Lupine is “an adaptation close to the whole” and immediately makes Slate “the contender for the title of best series of the year.”

“There’s an innovative factor in the play,” said Chief Critic Judge Alan Sebinwal From Rolling Stone. Understand: The French series, even with such secret successes Demons, Aired on Sundance TV, was not actually successfully exported. Alan Sebinwal draws a parallel with the arrival of the first British series in the United States: “I remember being dithrombic at times when my English friends told me:‘ This is not even our best show ’. “

“Although some viewers see the English dubbed version, there is a filter of language and culture. We are more forgiving of failures, admits Robert Lloyd, you LA Times. And although Lupine’s postcard is far from the pictureEmily in Paris, “There is an almost romantic tourist aspect to seeing these French and Persian places. “

Umar Xi’s “crazy glamor”

Alan Sebinwal, who finished 4/5 in the series, immediately recognizes the screenplay features. “But Umar Sai has a crazy charm, the main plot is so much fun, so I stopped asking questions very quickly,” he admits. According to Robert Lloyd, the phone of the agent of the French actor, who has been based in Los Angeles since 2014, should also “ring fast”. He comes from Put your house up for sale Hidden mountains but Omar Sai pointed out in early January Parisian Returning to France was “unplanned.”

Thus manifested in the United StatesUntouchables ($ 10 million at US box office), Omar Sai already has several brief appearances in blockbusters for his credit (X-Men: Future Past Days, Jurassic World And Transformers: Last Night). But to become a star in Hollywood, says Alan Sebinwal, “his ability to play in English and accept different types of accents will be the main obstacle,” so the French villain should not be limited to playing on duty. In short, Umar Sai has to prove that he can mix in any role. Like Arsenal Lupine.



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