Restaurant Nonsense | Survive on Putin

Restaurant Nonsense |  Survive on Putin

“If there is no Putin, we must close our doors!”

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Stupid owner Carl Boldak says this straightforwardly to illustrate the success of this family business in the center of the Almedian landscape for 41 years. Despite the epidemic, the restaurant attracts customers with its glorious cuisine.

According to Carl Boldak, the success of stupidity lies in three main components. “The company is built on a family in which engagement, determination and determination to succeed. Our employees are the pillars of our organization. Of course, we have our valued customers,” he explains.

Some of them are long-time regulators, and they were there from the beginning. Others come from all over Quebec. For the latter, nonsense is necessary while they are staying.


However, the epidemic has forced the company to relocate just like thousands of other restaurants across the country. Since 1979, the restaurant has always been open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The table will always be the same.

“Last March, there were not many customers. It was deserted on Avenue to Bond. We had to close for a month. Before the epidemic, it never happened, not even for five minutes or so to reconstruct! We are always open. When the time comes, we do not even have the key to lock. We realized, so we had to keep a night watchman until the lock worker arrived, ”Carl Boldak insisted.

He adds: “If we do not have putin, we will shut down. Currently, 150 to 200 are provided per day. 85% of our orders are puttins, at least one per invoice ”.

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2021, the year of hope

However, takeouts and puttins are extra revenue for nonsense. The absence of a dining room and prison represents a 75% loss to the company.

“One of our biggest strengths is the daily menus. However, with delivery, people are much less in the city than before. People are no longer in offices, they are at home,” he adds.

A big difference for 2019, which is the most profitable in foolish history. Above all, Carl Boldak ensures that no redundancies continue, and he hires some staff part-time.

He sees the new year starting with a good level of positivism. The construction of the outdoor terrace and the addition of new dishes to the menu are significantly planned.

Beautiful lessons in humility

Carl Boldak was surprised three years ago when he received a formal notification from someone other than Walt Disney. The restaurant, which has always had a silly character as its symbol, came very close to changing its name.

Fortunately for the company, it signed a conciliatory agreement with the US company, thus retaining its name. However, it had to put a cross in its brand image.

But why did you choose a cartoon character as a symbol? Carl Boldak explains: “Later it became fashionable to use popular cartoon characters as restaurant names. No problem. Through the internet, Walt Disney became aware of the restaurant. They sent us a formal notice ordering the removal of the name and logo. ”

The nonsense script is copyrighted, but not the name. Only Alma Restaurant in Quebec had registered an appeal. “We have reached an agreement that we have the sole right to use the nonsense name in Quebec. It is possible to avoid lawsuits and legal battles,” he added.

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Yves Boldak Saga

In 2012, the restaurant made headlines, but for the wrong reasons. It was revealed in broad daylight that Yves Boldak, the then health minister, was a partner at the restaurant.

“When my brother got into politics, they called us junk food despite the daily menus. We were criticized for being close to schools… Two girls even left without paying and posted their bill on Facebook, falsely claiming that the government was subsidizing us and that they had a right to do so. I’m not happy about that. I decided to buy all the shares so that this kind of thing would not happen again, ”recalled Carl Bold.


A rumor recently circulated in Alma that the nonsense was being bought by another restaurant chain. However, Carl Boldock wants to deny it. There is no question of selling.

At least not now. He plans to retire in five years, but as his mother, son, daughter, cousin and his wife are still behind the stupid counter, the sequel already seems to have been established. The Boldak family wants to go by boat as much as possible.

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