Mobilized day against Amazon

Mobilized day against Amazon

This is the first big display of the year from Amazon’s rivals. On Saturday, January 30, a number of meetings are expected in different locations that want to be at the forefront of online commerce or want to build new infrastructure.

AL analysis. Amazon, a controversial retail company

Partners, among others, Friends of the Earth Association, Attack, ANV Cope 21 Movement or Farmers Federation, would like to condemn the working conditions of employees, the destruction of jobs in small businesses, and the environmental impact. The company or tax evasion accused of involving the group.

Third party

“Center for mobilization” To believe the attack, the US company plans to build a massive 38,800 m² warehouse located in Fornes on the card. If this small town near Bond du Gard is the highlight, it is one with the other because it fully embodies Amazon’s strategy to increase its presence in France.

Since 2018 and the start of the project, now blocked by legal solutions, the Jeff Bezos company name has never appeared. Organ, a company that specializes in the development and rental of logistics sites, is responsible for the construction of the warehouse. Only the size of the project has sparked the rumor. Anti-Amazon activists have accused the company of carrying out a similar process at Enciheim in Houth-Rin, this time with Eurovia16.

This assistance to third-party companies will allow the company to avoid public protests and move forward with a masked face until the project progresses beyond stopping. For his part, Frederick Dowell, the boss of Amazon France, has always refused to install on either of these sites.

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Amazon is not banned

The date of this mobilization is not trivial. This comes after the government decided on January 27 to exempt e-commerce warehouses from the ban on business zones in a bill that would translate the proposals of the Citizens’ Climate Conference. This decline regarding the conference’s aspirations should leave an independent hand to Amazon to continue its establishment in France.

To date, Amazon, which landed in France in 2007, has 7 distribution centers and 4 deployment centers in addition to all its local infrastructure. In 2018, the French subsidiary generated 4.5 billion euros in sales.

Frederick Dowell has publicly confirmed two new locations near the Mets and Kimber. The company also showed for a time its ambition to set up in Tambac-la-Ville, Pass-Rin, before retreating last December.

Unofficial plans

With these official entities, installation plans that the group does not confirm or deny must continue to be controversial and subject to mobilization during this process. The U.S. team is particularly suspected of wanting to build a warehouse next to Lyon Airport, and has two logistics sites in Montfort, near Nantes, and Fontaine, near Belfort.

This rapid growth of the Amazon is not only unhappy. Many local elected officials openly support these programs in the name of employment. They are very sensitive to Amazon’s arguments because desirable regions often experience economic difficulties.

Amazon Pro Rally

At the state’s highest peak, we don’t want to be angry with this excellent employer who hired more than 9,000 people in 2019. A few months after being selected in 2017, Emmanuel Macron came to open his own logistics center, de Bows, near Amiens, which created 626 jobs in three years.

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In Montfort, about sixty citizens demonstrated last December to choose the American giant’s arrival. “Growth and Employment”. They responded to a demonstration by the enemy a few weeks ago, which attracted several thousand protesters.

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