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Moscow – A few days ago, the team Telegraph Launched accidentally and quickly pulled an update Ambassador Notable for iOS. The official release of Telegram 7.4 for Android and iOS is now underway.

Regarding the release, the developer also revealed another record, which is 100 million new users as of January 2021. Also read: Apple may have been forced to remove Telegram from the App Store

Kiss China Information, a major invention of Telegram 7.4, is the most useful feature that many expect, i.e. “history” or the transformation of history from a messaging application (Ambassador) Others. You can convert messages, photos, videos and documents from other applications to Telegram – for example, Share , Tax, and kakovodak. It works with both private and group chats.

To transfer chats from WhatsApp to iOS, go to a page with information about a contact or group, click “Export Chat” and select Telegram from the “Share” menu. On Android devices, inside the WhatsApp chat, you need to click on the “Three Dots Icon> More> Export Chat” and then select Telegram from the Share menu.

Telegraph Features 7.4
Another telegram invention was about privacy. Users can now delete secret chats, create groups without a trace, and delete entries in both call history – from sender and recipient. Server Telegram says do not store deleted chats and input information in call history, so this data will always be lost.

The currently active voice chat in the group is now shown at the top of the Calls tab. They now have the ability to adjust the size for individual participants. Systems modified by Team Administrators apply to all listeners at once.

In the music player (Android only), by clicking on the artist’s name, the user can open a list of their tracks from all chats. The sound now disappears and appears when you stop and start playing. You can press the “Next Track” and “Previous Track” buttons to fast forward or forward.

Congratulations on sending a special sticker to your newly registered friends. Additionally, support for visually impaired devices (TalkBack for Android and VoiceOver for iOS) has been improved. New animations have also been added to the Android application interface. Also read: Accelerating Economic Recovery, Kemenbreak and Grab Indonesia Continue Cooperation


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