The humor of an SNCF controller on a DGV causes a buzz (video)

L’humour d’un contrôleur SNCF dans un TGV fait le buzz (VIDEO)

Jan. The SNCF agent joked about saying hello in his message, labeling luggage or talking about the need to wear a mask.

Today we have the opportunity to travel in the Atlantic type of train, the forerunner of railway technology in the late 20th century. ” Starts with the elegant character. “If you use the toilet, you will see that the paper in it also dates back to this glorious period. You should know that this train has a history. (Long silence) . But I do not know her“, Began the agency to delight travelers.

Before proceeding with the existing health measures: “On board, no wifi. If you want to connect with a social network, I suggest you start a conversation with your neighbor while respecting forbidden gestures. In this case, I inform you that you should keep your masks on your face, which is to protect everyone’s safety. The second advantage is that you can create faces on the controller without noticing. However, keep in mind that the latter are fitted with masks and they have this preference “,” he said. He joked.

In a few minutes, we will pass among you, do not hesitate to ask us when we go in your car. Tell us what you need and we will explain how to do without it. Also know that you have the privilege of traveling on the SNCF track using the most beautiful and sympathetic controllers of the entire French rail network. But unfortunately none of them work on Sundays, so you won’t see anything today. SNCF and its team, less beautiful than usual but fortunately wearing masks, wish you a great trip. “, He concluded.

The video recorded by a traveler has now reached hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube.

The full message can be found in the video below:

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