Smart glasses treat myopia

Smart glasses treat myopia

The Japanese company announces the development of “Kubota Glass” which can treat the problem of myopia without the need to wear glasses or medicine lenses without any surgical intervention.

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    The company has confirmed that wearing the new “Kubota glass” for 60 to 90 minutes a day can fix the myopia problem.

Japanese company Kuboda Pharmaceutical Holdings has announced that it will develop smart glasses that can treat myopia when worn for up to an hour and a half daily.

The company claims that Kubota glasses have developed “smart glasses” that treat myopia by adjusting the refraction of the rays in the eye, without any surgical intervention or the need to always wear glasses or medical lenses, which means seeing close things clearly and blurring distant things.

With the aim of stimulating the retina, the company added that the new specs rely on micro-LEDs and nanotechnology to display realistic images on the external display field.

Although the company points out that glasses are still being tested to determine how long the impact of glasses on treating the problem persists even after a person has worn them, what is the specific time period for people suffering from this problem to wear glasses? Permanently of myopia.

“The group has already started clinical trials in the United States with 25 people, and then the company wants to sell glasses first in Asia, which includes a large percentage of people with myopia,” said Rio Kubota, the company’s chairman.

It is noteworthy that there are three treatments for myopia, which involve wearing glasses or contact lenses or undergoing refractive surgery, which reduces the wearing of glasses and medical lenses.

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