Endzone, L Equip’s US Football Podcast: The French are still in the NFL

Endzone, L Equip's US Football Podcast: The French are still in the NFL

Richard Dortitz, Tax receiver Among the New England patriots of the early 90s, he was the only Frenchman in NFL history. Others tried later, and some came close to getting there. Unfortunately, this was limited to pre-season matches, but no one was disappointed: they are trying more and more adventure, a testament to an openness to the international NFL, but especially a certain talent. What are the different possibilities for young French people? How is their life on the other side of the Atlantic?

Between flexible hours, university life and magnified sports, the United States provides a framework for expressing and developing themselves. So is it time to look at a blue ground in the NFL? The players firmly believe that whoever goes there will be an example. ” I wish Tony Parker even a tenth of the impact he had on French basketball ยป, Explains Anthony Mahongo, who worked at the University of Philadelphia Eagles and Purdue. Jordan Avissi, He explains that his American adventure will lead to others. How can this be set up? How could American football develop in France?

Guest: Jordan Avissi.

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