Insider Report: Jets Aaron Rodgers Unlikely to Play in 2023, Even with Activation to Roster

Title: Aaron Rodgers Unlikely to Play for the Rest of the Season, Focuses on 2024 Comeback

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who suffered a torn Achilles on September 11, has opened his practice window, giving hope to fans for a potential return this season. Initially targeting the Christmas Eve matchup against the Washington Commanders in Week 16 for his comeback, a new report now suggests it is unlikely Rodgers will take the field again this year.

The team’s decision on whether or not Rodgers will play hinges on the New York Jets’ playoff hopes. If the Jets get eliminated, Rodgers is not expected to make an appearance. However, if the Jets remain in playoff contention, the decision will primarily depend on Rodgers’ ability to protect himself.

Although there is a possibility that Rodgers may be activated to the 53-man roster, it is anticipated that he will serve as an inactive emergency third quarterback on game days. In the event that he is not activated by December 20, Rodgers will be placed on the season-ending injured reserve list.

Considering the potential risks, playing at 40 years old after a severe Achilles tear is seen as reckless for a team that is not in playoff contention. Instead, Rodgers is focusing on fully healing and preparing for the 2024 season.

While Rodgers’ recovery progress has been impressive, his return to the field still appears unlikely. The Green Bay Packers organization and coaching staff are prioritizing his long-term health and ensuring that he doesn’t rush back prematurely, risking further damage.

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Fans are disappointed that Rodgers may not make a return this season, but ultimately they support the decision to prioritize his recovery and maintain the highest level of performance in the future. The anticipation is now building for Rodgers’ potential comeback in the 2024 season, where he hopes to continue his exceptional career and lead the Packers to further success.

Despite the setback, Rodgers remains a vital presence within the team, providing valuable leadership and guidance to his teammates. His dedication to the game and determination to fully recover exemplify his commitment to the sport and the Green Bay Packers organization.

As the regular season approaches its final stages, Packers fans eagerly await further updates on Aaron Rodgers’ status, hoping for a positive outcome that allows the star quarterback to hit the field once more this season.

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