Weather: Thundershowers | Diphymedia

Weather: Thundershowers |  Diphymedia

It is currently raining heavily in Port Louis and many parts of the country. In a press release issued this afternoon, January 28th, Vagos Weather Station indicates that humid and unstable air currents are spreading across our region, thus promoting the formation of active clouds on the island.

Beware of water accumulation

The weather will be cloudy in the south, west, northwest and highs this afternoon.
Thunderstorms. They spread to other areas in the afternoon.

This rainfall will temporarily accumulate water in some places. Localized rainfall is still forecast in the evening, especially in the north.

However, the sky will be gradually cleared overnight.

The weather will be good tomorrow morning.

33. Up to C

Maximum temperatures range from 26 to 28 degrees Celsius at altitudes and 30 to 33 degrees Celsius in coastal areas.

20 to 22 degrees Celsius on low ground and 24 to 26 degrees Celsius on the beach.

The wind will blow at a speed of 10 kmph at east-northeast and will temporarily strengthen with thunder.

As for the sea, it will be hard beyond the rocks with swells from the southwest of the 1.50 meter range.

Practical advice:

1. The public is advised to avoid dangerous places.

2. During rain, in fog bags, visibility is significantly reduced. Road users are asked to be very careful.

3. During thunderstorms, it is recommended to stay in the shelter, avoid plains and sea voyages, and not to take refuge under trees.

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