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Basketball – a real phenomenon in the world of basketball at the moment, The Last Dance has been forgotten for more than two months now. Michael Jordan’s epic Bulls story from 1984, until their last dance in 1998, this Netflix documentary series captivated basketball fans, but also people interested in learning more about the global sports idol. Precisely, The Last Dance provided us with brief events and new information on six topics such as the number of Bulls Champions Rings.

1 – Never provoke Air Jordan

The last dance

« Since then, he has been on my list and it has become personal with me ”(from that point on he went on my list and it became personal to me)

We have the impression that this sentence was heard in every episode of The Last Dance, but no one within the major American league has learned a lesson. Brian Russell, Reggie Miller, George Carl, PJ Armstrong, Carl Malone Even the poor La Bradford Smith Who doesn’t ask anything of anyone: When you’re on Jordan’s list, you know you’re going to have a bad evening. What would Arya Stark and Michael Jordan have in common, who would have thought of making a list with enemies to kill?

2 – Dennis Rodman is definitely not alone in his head

In The last dance, We had the greatest right to Chicago’s hair genius: between his night trips (“It’s Comics Time”), special relationships with him Madonna And Carmen Electra Or his wrestling match between two playoff matches, the series shows us how Tennis Rodman Is an unforgettable character in history NBA.

But on the basketball side, Rodman One of the most efficient regenerators in history. In Episode 3, “The Worm” illustrates his technique for catching high bounces on the ground, and his descriptions quickly became a web monument:

3 – A beautiful soundtrack

From the first chapters, the soundtrack fits in perfectly with the atmosphere Bulls, Especially thanks to the introductory music of the United Center, Sirius of Alan Parsons Project.

Then, each music explains what the series wants to show: When Jordan debuts NBA, He has to prove himself and show it “I’m not kidding” (Title by Eric P. & Rakim). When Jordan becomes the boss, that’s it «Down with the King of Run-TMC. It echoes in our ears. The titles of the other musicians in the soundtrack are provocative without even listening to them: “I’m bad”, Revenge, ினால் I Rule the World, Be like Mike Etc.

4 – Never hand over your contract negotiations to an agent of Scotty Pippin

The last dance

Photo: Andrew D. Bernstein / NBA / Getty Images

All his time Bulls, Scotty Pippon He may be the lowest paid player in the league considering his status. If his rugged contract is honest, he signed a five-year extension in 1991, which will take effect in 1993, for a total of $ 18 million. Except in the meantime, especially thanks to the media impact Jordan And dynasty Bulls, TV rights and revenue from commercialization will explode.

All players NBA Besides, there will be their cake piece Scotty Pippon Who was stuck in his contract until 1998. That year, Scotty earned $ 2.775 million, making him the 6th highest paid player in the world. Bulls, And 122nd player NBA. Terry was one of the top ten players in the league at the time. As we looked inside The last dance, Scotty had every reason in the world to be angry at his management, which would lead to his departure after the 6th title Bulls.

5 – Michael Jordan excels at creating “memes” beyond himself

We already know « Cries Jordan« , This memoir that has become famous (picture taken mass on the internet), is now welcome Jordan Laughter.

The last dance

To the directors of the series, the former head of Sonics asked Gary Payton He thinks he has found a way to protect himself by making MJ tired. Michael, who has been watching this part on his tablet, can not help but burst out laughing when he hears these words, a way of saying that no one can protect him.

6 – Jerry Cross is a misunderstood genius

The last dance

Photo: Bill Gostrun / Associated Press

A real sacrifice Michael Jordan When full The last dance, Jerry Cross He is portrayed as a person who has no human appreciation for his players. But, above all, if we can discuss the objectivity of the documentary that gives Mike a vision, we cannot discuss the immense talent of the general manager Jerry Cross.

The latter brought the best player in history within the same team, Michael Jordan With the best coach at the time, Bill Jackson. He was a player for drafting Scotty Pippon, Became the best lieutenant on a team NBA History, and gathered a sacred list around these 3 men. Horace Grant, John Foxon, BJ Armstrong, Bill Cartwright For the first 3 topics, Tennis Rodman, Tony Kukok, Steve Kerr Or Luke Longley For the second three charcoal. A perfect mix from Jerry Cross And not highlighted enough in the series, in particular Cross, Who died in 2017, unfortunately could not speak The last dance.

The last dance will bring us many events and unpublished testimonies of the Chicago Bulls dynasty, reviving the best moments of Michael Jordan’s career, and providing us with quality archival images. Feel free to watch or revisit this series / documentary that will delight the eyes, delight basketball geeks and those who want to discover this part of basketball history for the first time.

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