Cosetti: Internet and mass media:

Cosetti: Internet and mass media:

Telegram Messenger has released an iOS 7.4 update that allows users to change their chat history from other messengers, including WhatsApp. The update was received on Wednesday, January 27th.

As stated in the description of the update published in the AppStore, iOS users now have the opportunity to transfer their correspondence history from WhatsApp, Line and Kagovodok messengers to Telegram. In addition to the messages in chats, users can delete all participants’ groups, secret chats and call history from the chat list.

Users can adjust the volume level in voice chats for individual participants, and active voice chats will be grouped above the call tab.

In addition, iOS users have the opportunity to send complaints to telegram officials, companies or groups or channels posing as their representatives.

Since the beginning of January, WhatsApp Messenger Lost More than 30 million users. According to The Guardian newspaper, users have negatively evaluated the updated terms of use for the app, according to which the messenger-owned social network Facebook will start sharing information. As a result of the actions of the owners of WhatsApp, users began to switch to messengers such as Signal and Telegram. After that WhatsApp Announced The introduction of the new contract was postponed. May 15 was renamed the new date.

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