NFL - African-American Named Assistant Running Back Coach in Washington

NFL – African-American Named Assistant Running Back Coach in Washington

Jennifer King became the first woman of African-American descent to earn a place as an assistant coach in the National Football League on Tuesday after being appointed to the running back of the Washington team.

After Lori Locust, King came in second in NFL history as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ assistant defensive lineman coach.

King also spent the 2020 season in a coaching role with head coach Ron Rivera, and worked with coach Randy Jordan on the team’s running back.

Previously, he coached with King Rivera when he led the Carolina Panthers.

He has worked as an assistant coach at the University of Dortmouth and on the Arizona Hot Shots, an alliance of the American football team.

According to Rivera, King came to Washington excited for the opportunity, and he fully deserves the promotion.

“Its energy is limitless,” Rivera said. He has enjoyed the opportunity to experience the meaning of being a full-time coach in this league this season, as well as the countless hours set aside for preparation during the season. “

“He has shown all the qualities needed to work full-time in my staff,” Rivera said. He works hard, he is a great communicator and a quality person. ‘Coach’ King has always been eager to learn and has shown significant growth since starting here last season. “

Jordan said he was pleased to be able to trust King’s full-time support.

“He was very helpful last year because he looked at the game from a different angle and he was a good communicator,” he explained.

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The playoff game between Washington and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers featured on both sides as the first female coach in NFL history.

Buchananers Two: Locust and Maral Javatifer, Assistant Strength and Conditioning Development Instructor.

Bruce Arians, Buchanan’s head coach, declared that the presence of women in teaching positions signified a “path to the future.”

“By itself, this is a remarkable game,” Rivera commented.

“Opportunities to play, teach or lead a company should be open to all. I think the message the league is sending is important.”

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